September 4 – 26, 2020


Join us as we make history over four fun-filled weekend repeater raids.
Temptation Cancun Resort wants to multiply your memories by bringing all your favorite, sexy daytime activities, epic evening entertainment, and the best of the best staff back.

Good times may come and go, but the memories will last forever.


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    September 4 & 5


    Due to the nature of our sexy concept, our entertainment staff was looking for a catch phrase to identify the perfect package, or should we say oh-so-hot body. The phrase “nice shoes” was used, and is still used today, when you spot someone that is your definition of perfection. So, next time you spot someone that fits that description, feel free to use NICE SHOES!

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    September 17 – 20

    Exclusively for Premier members


    Loyalty makes you family, and this weekend it’s time to remember why you became a member! Our Premier Reunion is to celebrate the best decision you ever made. So, here’s to moments you can’t put into words, memories we will make, and the old and new friends that last forever.


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    September 11 & 12


    Many years ago, back when today’s Temptation Cancun Resort –formally known as Blue Bay Getaway– was at its peak, our world-renowned cast incorporated the phrase “nobody knows you & nobody cares” to our resort’s vocabulary, daring guests to be different, to be themselves during their adults-only holidays. This weekend we’ll be bringing back some of our fan-favorite activities of all time!


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    September 25 & 26


    This is a roll call for our crazy community, are you ready for the most incredible Repeater raid ever? This weekend is a chance for repeaters from throughout decades, to come together and celebrate community. If you have never been to Temptation, join us for this epic experience. After all, friends are chosen family.



Please note that all events are subject to change without prior notice.